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Focused on Results

As an experienced construction project manager, I’m focused on delivering concrete and measurable results for our community.

Meet Jimmy

“I am running for Supervisor because I want to represent the hardworking people and families of South County. That’s why I’m not taking money from Big Oil, large developers, and other special interest groups.”

Jimmy's Vision

Jimmy’s Stance on Issues facing the Central Coast

Public Health & Safety

Protecting our community against rising crime and improving emergency response times is priority No. 1. Having grown up under a police officer’s roof, I have a deep respect for law enforcement and believe in the need for strong public safety.

Roads & Infrastructure

South County deserves a supervisor who knows how to plan, fund, design, and build public facilities and infrastructure. As a construction project manager for the last 10 years, building projects like new parks and road improvements to relieve traffic congestion is in my blood.

Affordable Housing

To support our small businesses and protect our local workforce and families, we must proactively address our housing crisis. I will work to make housing more affordable through low impact solutions that won’t outpace our infrastructure, overburden our water supply, or destroy our beautiful open spaces.

Long-term Water Security

With continuing drought conditions, we need a 4th District Supervisor who has the skills and experience to develop a long-term water solution. Innovative solutions such as treating and using our wastewater instead of sending it out to the ocean and desalinization can be implemented with the right leadership.

Preventing Offshore Drilling

It is imperative that our County take a firm stance against offshore oil in order to preserve our scenic beaches and local tourism economy. Rather than relying on the energy sources of the past, we should be focused on developing clean renewable energy that will protect our environment and empower our local economy.

Mental Health & Homelessness

After the tragic death of Andrew Holland and others in our County Jail, it is clear that our County needs reform. Improving services for those experiencing mental illness and homelessness must be prioritized instead of ignored.

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The Community Behind Jimmy

“Regardless of our own political affiliations, Jimmy Paulding will represent all of us. Jimmy will bring integrity, fairness, and respect for diversity of opinion to the deliberations of the Board of Supervisors.”

Wayne Allen | Retired Teacher

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