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South County Strong


What People Are Saying

Brian Talley

Third Generation Farmer/Winegrower

“I’ve had lots of experiences where I’ve tried to reach out to a local politician, but this was the first time the politician reached out to me to tell me about a program that really added value to my business.”

Jim Gardiner

Retired Chief of Police, City of SLO

"Jimmy comes from a law enforcement family. His father worked at San Luis PD for many years. Jimmy's foundation in supporting law enforcement is strong."

Lance Gonzales

Owner, Sports Dugout

"He's not just someone behind a desk pushing a computer. He's there for the people, helping the people and helping the community. "

Lan George

Arroyo Grande City Council Member / Small Business Owner

“Working with Jimmy Paulding has shown me that nonpartisan leadership can work if you put people first.”

Keith Storton

Arroyo Grande City Council Member / Retired Police Captain

"As a retired captain with the SLO Police Department, I know that crime is an important issue to Jimmy Paulding, and I know that he'll make sure we are keeping our community safe."

Kristen Barneich

Arroyo Grande City Council member / Small Business Owner

“Jimmy supports small businesses, he is very supportive of our historic atmosphere and he also puts the environment first. He is an excellent consensus builder.”

Kim Gravell

Community Volunteer / Nipomo Resident

“I stand with Jimmy Paulding because I believe he is a person OF the community and FOR the community.”

John Anderson

Retired Federal Agent / Nipomo Resident

“I support Jimmy Paulding because he supports law enforcement and public safety.”

Anne McCracken

Senior Advocate /47-Year Resident

“Our past county supervisor, Katcho, who is now not with us anymore, has left behind a wonderful legacy of non-partisanship and I feel Jimmy can fill that void and bring our county together.”

Jamie Maraviglia

Arroyo Grande Planning Commission /Parent

“We need a person with Jimmy’s knowledge, compassion, integrity, and respect for each other on our Board of Supervisors.”

Public Officials

Salud Carbajal
U.S. Congressman, 24th District

Jack O’Connell
Former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Bruce Gibson
SLO County Supervisor

Dawn Ortiz-Legg
SLO County Supervisor

Erica Flores Baltodano
SLO County Civil Service Commissioner

Joan Hartmann
Santa Barbara County Supervisor

Das Williams
Santa Barbara County Supervisor

Evelyn Delany
Former SLO County Supervisor

Keith Storton
Arroyo Grande City Councilmember

Lan George
Arroyo Grande City Councilmember

Kristen Barneich
Arroyo Grande City Councilmember

Jim Guthrie
Former Arroyo Grande City Councilmember

Chuck Fellows
Former Arroyo Grande City Councilmember

Rick TerBorch
Retired Arroyo Grande Police Chief

Jaime Maraviglia
Arroyo Grande Planning Commissioner

Glenn Martin
Arroyo Grande Planning Commissioner

Doug Tait
Former Arroyo Grande Planning Commissioner

Nanci Parker
Former Arroyo Grande Planning Commissioner

Bruce Berlin
Arroyo Grande Architectural Review Committee

Erica Stewart
Mayor of SLO 

Jan Marx
SLO City Councilmember

Andy Pease
SLO City Councilmember

Carlyn Christianson
SLO City Councilmember

John Ashbaugh
Former SLO City Councilmember

Christine Mulholland
Former SLO City Councilmember

Aaron Gomez
Former SLO City Councilmember

Kathy Smith
Former SLO City Councilmember

John Ewan
Former SLO City Councilmember

Jim Gardiner
Retired SLO Police Chief

Michael Hopkins
SLO City Planning Commissioner

Dan Rushing
Grover Beach City Councilmember

Karen Bright
Grover Beach City Councilmember

Mariam Shah
Former Grover Beach City Councilmember

Desi Lance
Former Grover Beach City Councilmember

John Bradbury
Former Grover Beach Chief of Police

John Headding
Mayor of Morro Bay

Dawn Addis
Morro Bay City Councilmember

Jeff Heller
Morro Bay City Councilmember

Laurel Barton
Morro Bay City Councilmember

Jen Ford
Morro Bay City Councilmember

Marlys McPherson
Former Morro Bay City Councilmember

David Howell
Retired Morro Bay Chief of Police

Susan Funk
Atascadero City Councilmember

Ellen Beraud
Former Atascadero Mayor and City Councilmember

Steve Martin
Mayor of Paso Robles

Colleen Martin
Lucia Mar Unified School District Board Member

Dee Santos
Lucia Mar Unified School District Board Member

Dawn Hinchman
Former Lucia Mar Unified School District Board Member

Dan Woodson
Nipomo Community Services District Director

Mary Strobridge
Cuesta College Board of Trustees

Charlotte Alexander
Former SLO County Community College District Trustee

Kevin Beauchamp
South County Advisory Council Chair

Gary Spelbring
South County Advisory Council Member

Art Herbon
Former Chair of South County Advisory Council

Karen White
Oceano Community Services District Director

Cynthia Replogle
Oceano Community Services District Director

Allene Villa
Oceano Community Service District Director

Charles Varni
Oceano Advisory Council Chair

Mark Buchman
San Luis Coastal Unified School District Board Member

Bob Vessely
Port San Luis Harbor District Commissioner

Mary Matakovich
Port San Luis Harbor District Commissioner

Drew Brandy
Port San Luis Harbor District Commissioner

Duane Leib
Retired SLO County General Services Director

Dorothy Jennings
Former County Parks Commissioner

Aileen Loe
Former Deputy District Director, Planning – Caltrans District 5

Martin Suits
Retired Judge

Larry Allen
Retired Air Pollution Control Officer, SLO County APCD

Steve McGrath
Former Port San Luis Harbor District Manager

*Titles for identification purposes only

Community Members

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Jim Adelman
Piper Adelman
Martin Akel
John Alan Connerley
Ryan Alaniz
Mirza Alikhan
Preston Allen
Jim Alquist
Priscilla Alquist
Marcia Alter
Rocio Alvear
Jeen Alvord
Janet Amanzio
Edie Anderson
Patti Anderson
Denise Andrade
Teresa Andrews-Hurliman
Laureano Angel
Lia Anisguard
Vincent Antonio
Jolene Apodaga
James apRoberts
Annie Aquino
Maureen Ardron
Dean Arrighi
Stacey Avelar
Katherine Ayer
Josh Ayers
Mary B Young
James Babcock
Jane Baker
Jean Baker
Linda Baker
Beverlee Bamford
Linda Barclay
Stephanie Barclay
Chrystine Barnes
Kristen Barnhart
Della Barrett
Judith Bartels
Cheryl Barton-Petrie
Jennifer Bauer
Michael Baugh
Tim Bauman
Greg Baxley
Maureen Beamish
Lee Bean
Donald Bearden
Linda Beck
Patricia Beck
Carmen Belasco
Barbara Bell
Carol Bell
Andrew Benson
Joe Benson
Robert Bergman
Kyle Berlin
Michelle Berlin
Gina Bernero
David Bernstein
Dave Bharat
Ed Bischof
Monica Bischof
Kimberly Bisheff
Julie Block
Mike Bogle
Lawrence Bolef
Mick Bondello
Gordon Eddie Bosserman
Jennifer Bosserman
Ashlea Boyer
Michael Boyer
Shasta Brander
Sharon Brandy
Jerry Breakstone
Lynne Breakstone
Kristin Bridgeford
Merry Bridges
Lori Brief-Chavez
Linda Brody
Carol Brookshire
Leslie Brown
Marilyn Brown
Marty Brown
Sharon Brown
Tyler Brown
Wendy Brown
Kathryn Bumpass
Jerry Bunin
Barbara Burgos
Peggy Burhenn
Thomas Burhenn
Michael Burrell
Linda Busek
James Bushman
Jonica Bushman
Susan Campbell
Pete Canessa
John Canning
Vicki Canning
Delia  Cantu
William Carlson
Richard Carsel
Caren Carson
Susan Case
Al Casey
Erica Castello
Debbi Casterline
David Castillo
Cortez Cate
Susan Celina Robinson
Julianna Cementina
Charles Cesena
Lisa Chadwick
Tobie Charles
Vince Chavez
Carol Chenot
Andrea Chmelik
Rupert Chowins
Katherine Christensen
Nancy Christensen
Randy Christensen
David Ciaffardini
Kevin Clark
John Clarke
Karan Clarke
Linda Clarke
Jeanie Class
Marty Claus
Barrie Cleveland
Brittany Coates-Bersbach
June Cochran
Kathleen Cohon
Carol Collins
Leland Collins
Victor “Skip” Conde
Sarah Conn
Patrick Considine
Susan Considine
Tom Considine
Sheila Consoli
Tom Consoli
James Conway
Dan Cook
Steve Cool
Savanna Cooper
Margaret Cosgrove-Klain
Elinore Cottrell
Patricia Cowgill
Dave Cox
Maggie Cox
Jacquelyn Crane
David Crater
Robert Crizer
Shirley Cross
Jill Crothers
Randal Cruikshanks
Gayle Cuddy
Marjorie Curtsinger
Barbara Cutshaw
Beverly Dahlke-Smith
Dove Daniel
Sonia Dave
Charles Davis
Darlene Davis
Erin Davis
Patti Davis
Aaron de Bruijn
Tess Deery
Marilyn Defazio
Daniel DeJong
Mary DeJong
Elizabeth deLaney
Vincent Delaney
Alison Denlinger
Carol Denneen
Fredric Deschler
Susan Devine
Andrea Devitt
Heidi Di Salvo
Cindy Dietrick
Danielle Dill
Patrick Dill
Neil Dilworth
Scott DiSalvo
Gary Dobson
Caroline Doherty
Budd Dressler
Susan Dressler
Danielle Dubow
Steve DuBow
Alicia Dueck
Diane Duenow
Sandra Duerr
Lea DuRard
April Dury
Skip Dyke
Louise Easton
Yessenia Echevarria
Jeff Eidelman
Glenn Eineman
Mary Eister
Laurel Ellison
Richard Ellison
Mary Emrich
Bryce Engstrom
Marsha Epstein
Bonnie Ernst
Grenda Ernst
Jenna Espinoza
Serhino Espinoza
Kathy Essen
Phil Evard
Susan Evard
Francesca Fairbrother
Mike Federico
Ann Feeser
Midori Feldman
Linda Fellows
Deborah Fialkowski
Helene Finger
Fred Fink
Barbara Finn
Sharon Fischer
Kathleen Fisher
Pete Fisher
Scott Fisher
Larry Fishman
Carey Fiske
Raye Fleming
Michele Flom
Kathy Flores
Jacquelyn Fondren

Lori Forbes
Steve Forbes
Sarah Ford
Elizabeth Fordyce
Jami Fordyce
Paul Fordyce
Nan Fowler
Emily Francis
Franklin Frank
Laura Frank
Julie Franke
Brian Franks
Frank Freitas
Arthur Fries
Mark Frink
Robert Fuller Davis
Diedra Fuss
Wayne Gamble
Roger Gambs
Adrienne Garcia-Specht
Debra Gardner
Paul Garratt
Pat Garrett
Dave Garth
Marjorie Gayley
Elaine Genasci
Barbara George
Anita Giangreco
Thomas Giangreco
Cathy Gillett
Dan Gillett
Rickey Gilligan
Ron Glahn
Valerie Glahn
Fern Godden Miller
Barbara Godwin
Wesley Goible
Carol Goldberg
Riley Golden
Ellyn Goldstein
Lance Gonzales
Kay Gore
Carolyn Gorsuch
Ariela Gottschalk
Gabriel Granados
Dennis Graue
Ed Gravell
Kimberly Gravell
Christopher Gray
Heather Gray
Karen Gray
Cindy Green
Andy Greensfelder
Jeanie Greensfelder
Jim Gregory
Cynthia Grenz
Rick Grenz
Claire Grether
Virginia Griffin
Pamela Griggs
Luanne Griguoli
Allison Groves
Robin Guittard
Charlie Gulyash
Jo Gustely
Jesse Gutierrez
David Hafemeister
Kenneth Haggard
Courtney Haile
Ashley Hain
Kathleen Haine
Linda Halisky
Gary Hamilton
Helene Hamilton
Ken Hampian
Kenneth Hampian
Suzi Hampian
De Hampton
Ike Hampton
Dave Hannings
Cindy Hansen
George Hansen
Jana Hanson
Beverly Harben
Ron Harben
Paul Harder
Werner Harder
Muriel Harkins
Ellen Harper
Ed Harris
Kathy Harris
Mary Harris
Robyn Harris
Sharon Harris
Amy Hart
Roy Hartnell
Carolyn Harvey
Kent Harvey
Mona Harvey
Susan Harvey
Amy Harway
Abigail Haskell
Judith Hathaway
Beverly Haynes
Carla Haynie
Rachel Hazen
Jim Healy
Walter Heath
Peggy Heathcote
Bruce Hedderig
Brian Hee
Amber Heffner
Rusty Heffner
Christopher Helenius
Yvonne Helms
Alan Henderson
Donald Henderson
Kathy Henderson
Joan Henry
Nancy Heple
Wayne Heple
Larry Herbst
Joe Hernandez
Amy Hewes
Michael Heyl
Don Hightower
Gail Hill
Kathleen Hill
Ken Hill
Donald Hillis
Sarah Hillis
Douglas Hilton
Kathleen Hilton
Carlyn Hinds
Dorothy Hines
Jerome Hirsch
James Hofman
Shirley Holgate
Mary Holland
Myron Hood
Kristin Horowitz
Ann Hou
Donn Howell
Sharee Howell
Blake Hudleson
Susan Huls
Deb Humphreys
Jana Hunstad-Sarver
Sandee Hunt-Burns
Anastasia Hunt
Carl Hunter
Joe A. Hurliman
Pamela Hyde
Patrice Iqbal
Irene Iwan
Allen Jacobs
Sr. James Handy
Mary Jane Dyer
Ali Jansen
Krista Jeffries
Cynthia Jelinek
Judy Jennings
Mona Jennings
Virginia Jensen
Peter Jeremiah Ryan
Marlene Jeung
Daniel Jimenez
Martha Jimenez
Elizabeth Johnson
Elle Johnson
Jackie Johnson
Prisila Johnson
William Johnson
Colin Jones
Daniel Jones
Harold Joseph
Irwin Joseph
Anita Judd
Lindy Jung
Risa Kaiser
Herb Kandel
Herb Kandel
Leslie Kaplan
Alex Karlin
Charles Kass
Laura Kass
Todd Katz
John Keen
Stacy Keith
Jennifer Kelley
Douglas Kemmerley
Clare Kindness
Tom King
Betsy Kiser
Robin Kisinger
Phillip Kissel
Jim Kissinger
Tamara Kleemann
Christine-Emily Klopfer-Howard
Joyce Knight
Richard Knight
Brett Knupfer
Tony Kortens
Margaret Koteen
Nancy Kraus
Jano Kray
Richard Krejsa
Thor Krichevsky
Dan Krieger
Elizabeth Krieger
Adriana Kuhn
Ed Kuhn
Rich Kurrasch
Donna Lacki
Steve Lacki
Susan Ladrie Mackey
Gail Lafferty Orco
Kathie LaMartina
Linda Larsen
Susan Larsen
Sue Larson
Richard Lasiewski D.O.
Kersti Lasiewski
Frank Latoria
Gary Lawson
Chris Leavitt
Gesine Leavitt
Diane Lee
Marsha Lee
Odell Lee
Janie Leikind
Michael Leon
Janet Leonard
Gary Lester
Roberta Letters
Harvey Levenson
Cindy Lewis
Cynthia Lewis
Sherry Lewis
Victor Lewis
Otto Lindegaard
Robert Lindquist
Claudine Lingo
Dennis Lingo
Tracy Liskey Del Rio
Stephen Lloyd-Moffett
Jane Lloyd
Matt Lombardini
Todd Long
Kathy Longacre
Roger Longden
Carol Lopez
Bob Lucas
Wendy Lucas
Bob Lund
Eileen Lussier
Kathleen Maas
Carol MacCurdy
Muriel Machin
Tom Machin
Bob MacInnes
Diane MacWilliams
Nancy Macy
Alissa Maddren
George Magallon
Margaret Magallon
Marie-Christine Mahe
Charlie Main
Terri Main
Melissa Maino
Malena Maldonado
Debbie Manville
Jason Manville
Linda Marek
Ann Marie Kurrasch
Doug Marohn
Mary Martin
Donald Maruska
Richard Mathews
Kathie Matsuyama
Paul Matsuyama
Don Maurizio
Gigi Maurizio
Debra May
Marilyn McAvoy
Kathleen McCarey
Anne McCracken
Sharon McDaniel
Marcia McGee
Dimity McHaney
Joan McKenna
Gary McKible
Ronda McKible
Greg McMillan
Lucy McMillan
Mary McNally
Diane Mead
Vicki Meagher
Larry Meek
Ken Meersand
Robert Meier
Athena Meisheid
Patti Melsheimer
Karen Merriam
Denise Milardo
Pamela Miller
Sheila Miller
Vita Miller
William Miller
Kathleen Minck
Jeannie Miranda
Dorothy Modafferi
Robert Montano
Ruth Montano
Kate Montgomery
Rob Moore
Jim Morgal
Chris Morgan
Diane Moroski
Myraline Morris Whitaker
William Morris
Becky Mosgofian
Leslie Mosson
Connie Moxness
Patty Moyer Pepper
Jack Moyer
James Mueller
Michael Multari
Susanne Mumby
Lisa Murdoch
Cathy Murray
Guy Murray
Tom Murray
Karen Nall
Kathleen Nally
Thomas Nally
Patti Namm
Richard Namm
Pandora Nash-Karner
Ellen Nelson
Valerie Nero
Brenda Neuschafer
Michael Normoyle
Thomas Nuckols
Dennis Nulman
Kevin O'Gorman
Theresa O’Brian
Elizabeth O’Connell
Daniel O’Grady
Kathleen O’Neill
Lou Obermeyer
Trisha Oksner
Susan Opava
Steven Orco
Steven Orozco
Bill Ostrander
Marjorie Ott
David Ottesen
Patricia Ottesen
Debbie Palmer
Elizabeth Parker
Paula Patterson
John Paulding
Katie Paulding
Kendra Paulding
Sue Paulding
Janine Peck
Charles Pelissier
Holly Pelissier
Marta Peluso
James Pennell
Peter Pepper
Stephen Peterson
Kathi Pettersen
Ted Pettersen
Janet Pettis
Kathleen Phelps
Rich Phelps
Barbara Philbin
Frances Piacente
Douglas Pillsbury
Sandra Pitt
Dan Pittaway
Stephen Plowman
Melody Podrasky
Ron Podrasky
Robin Pomeroy
Annette Poole
George Popovich
Andrea Portney
Jeff Portney
Roxanne Povio
Linda Powell-McMillan
Will Power
Barry Price
Cheryl Price
Kenneth Price
Patricia Price
Margaret Pulley
Susan Quinones
Lorna R Conas
Tina Radovich
Wendy Ragan
Sandra Rakestraw
Karen Ramaker
Barry Rands
Janine Rands
Jackie Rauch
Jeff Rauch
Marsha Raymond
Hester Reid
Nancy Reid
Paul Reinhardt
Alice Reinheimer
Rosemary Remacle
Alana Reynolds
Linda Reynolds
Jr. Richard Dannells
Jacqueline Ridge
Sharon Rippner
Natalie Risner
Alison Rittger
Karen Robert
Dave Robinson
Arthur Roof
Caroline Roof
Virginia Roof
Gayle Rosenberger
George Rosenberger
Wilda Rosene
Jerome Ross
Marilyn Rossa
Marie Rowland
Richard Rowley
Joanne Ruggles
Alfredo Ruiz
William Rumbler
Ann Rust
Jerry Rutiz
Maureen Rutiz
Gail Ryan
Jean Ryan
Arlene Sackman
Sue Sacks
Richard Saenz
Aasim Sajjaad
Rinaldo Sal Caminada
Amy Salas
Alvin Salter
Sandra Sarrouf
Erika Satkoski
James Satkoski
Marty Scala
Deborah Scarborough
Carolyn Scheeff
Paul Schiro
Diane Schlageter
Mardi Schleigh
Carol Schmidt
Judith Schneider
Steven Schneider
Rich Schultz
Theresa Schultz
Suzanne Schwake
Gail Schwartz
Joseph Schwartz
Laurie Schwent
Joan Scicchitano
Carol Scott
Janis Scott
Robert Scott
Kate Secrest
Scott Secrest
Linda Seeley
Robert Segal
Frank Seiple
Mary Ann Service
Robert Severs
Dan Shadwell
Deene Shahinian
Kenneth Shamordola
Robert Shanbrom
Scott Shankland
Maureen Sharon
Nancy Shearer
Patsy Sheehan
Tom Sheldon
Amanda Sherlock
Laurance Shinderman
Anita Shower
Kate Shurson
Gere Sibbach
Ingrid Siegel
Leslie Siembieda
Eric Siemens
Sandi Sigurdson
Glenn Silloway
Georgia Simpson
Richard Simpson
Carol Sinsheimer
Mark Skinner
David Slade
Marcia Slagle
Jean Slater
Michael Slater
Holly Sletteland
Straith Smith Zanartu
Margaret Smits
John Snetsinger
James Sofranko
Janette Sofranko
John Sofranko
Leah Sofranko
Paul Sofranko
Jennifer Southward
Deb Spatafore
John Spatafore
Gary Spelbring
Roger Sperling
Janis Spire
Bob Spurgeon
Joe St. Clair
Monica Stagg
Mary Stallard
Tawnie Stanley
Bill Stansbury
Antonio Star
Joy Stefoni Fisher
Jill Stegman
Andrea Stein
Janet Stein
Jeff Stein
Jeffrey Stein
Jerry Stein
Susan Stenovec
Tom Stenovec
Dawn Stephens
Judith Stern
Sherri Stoddard
Kent Stokes
Cheryl Storton
Tina Storton
Jennifer Stover
Maria Stover
Mike Stover
Richard Strassel
Brent Stromberg
Tyler Stuart
Chuck Stup
Debra Stup
Fred Suddarth
Mike Suddarth
Sharon Suits
Sue Sunderland
Melanie Sundstrom
Sharon Sutliff
Doug Sweet
Nancy Sweet
Brian Talley
Johnine Talley
Kathleen Priscilla Teufel
Sharon Thacker
John Thomas
Raeanna Thomasson
Janet Thompquist
Bill Tindula
Kathy Tindula
Rachelle Toti
Hosia Towery
Theresa Trew
Charles Tribbey
Kathryn Tribbey
Evelyn Truxaw
Arnie Tucker
John Tucker
Mona Tucker
Jill Tweedie
Steve Underwood
Richard Van Blair
Dennis Vavrek
Gary Vavrina
Eric Veium
Arlene Versaw
Judy Vick
Bill Vines
Kay Vines
Chip Visci
David Voss
Jamie Voss
Randall Voss
Al Vossler
Adrienne Vyse
Ron Vyse
Bryan Wack
Jorine Wack
Jay Waddell
Yolanda Waddell
Jamie Walker
Jana Walker
Alyssa Wallace
Margaret Wallace
Thomas Wallace
Jerri Walsh
Joni Walter
Lynn Walti
David Warren
Nancy Warren
Raymond Watson
Jennifer Weaver
Jeanne Webster
Daniel Weitz
Lori Weitz
Judy West
Tom Whalen
Gina Whitaker
Joseph Whitaker
Anne White
Theresa White
Mary Whitson
Mary Whittlesey
Donald Wickstrom
Eric Wier
Kathy Wilding
Barry Williams
David Williams
Stacy Willis
Gloria Wilson
Michael Wilson
Trish Wilson
Rosemary Wilvert
Linda Wineberg
Paul Wineberg
Michael Winn
Connie Winstead
Lisa Wise
Richard Wishner
Thomas Wood
Kara Woodruff
Janis Woolpert
Jay Woolpert
Eric Wooten
Rosemary Wrenn
Catherine Wright
Deborah Wright
Shirley Xavier
Lylee Yager
Robert Yamasaki
Dennis Young
Judi Young
Anne Youngquist
Ron Yukelson
Kent Zammit
Sue Zammit
Lynda Ziegler
Janice Zoradi

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