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Answers to Some Common Questions

Work Experience

What do you currently do for work?

I work for Arcadis North America, Inc. analyzing construction claims and performing schedule analysis. I recently worked on the SLO County Airport New Passenger Terminal project, which is now operational, and continue to assist the construction management team at the SLO County Women’s Jail Expansion project.

Are you an attorney?

Yes, I passed the California bar exam in February of 2017, making me a California-licensed attorney. Instead of practicing law, however, I am running for office because I think we deserve better.

Is your opponent, Lynn Compton, an attorney?

No, the California Bar website indicates that she is not, although she has indicated in the past that she studied for the bar exam at one point in time.

What did you do before you became an attorney?

I worked as a city and regional planner and construction project manager for Vanir Construction Management, Inc. At the height of my career, I was Project Manager for the construction of a $45 million airport improvement program in Del Norte County. I worked on this project remotely with monthly flights to Northern California while commuting to law school/night school in Santa Barbara from Arroyo Grande.

What types of projects did you work on?

Mainly the planning, design, and construction of state and county jails, airports, government centers, roads, and water/wastewater infrastructure.

Political Allegiances

Are you aligned with left-leaning Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson?

No, I am not aligned with anyone. I am my own independent-minded person. There are no strings attached to my candidacy, unlike my opponent who has shown herself to be beholden to COLAB and the big money donors who control the local Republican Party.

Are you supported by the SLO County Progressives and the Democratic Party?

Yes. Both support me as do many Republicans and folks who decline to state their political affiliation. I am running a nonpartisan campaign because I believe local elected officials should be focused on resolving issues rather than partisan politics.

How can you remain independent from the Democratic Party if they endorse you?

I’m not a polished politician with a political agenda. I’m a local planner, project manager, and attorney who is fed up with the current Board’s get-nothing-done approach. My career has required me to bring groups together when they have differing views. We can do a better job at addressing traffic, safety, water, homelessness, mental health, etc. But we need people with the right skills and experience to work with people and get things done, and I believe that is me.

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