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We need a change

Jimmy Paulding could be exactly what South County deserves in a supervisor It must be election season. Compton for Supervisor signs are popping up on farm fences everywhere, and I've received my first mailing from the "Lynn Compton for Supervisor"…

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Jimmy Paulding is the ‘real deal’

The Tribune Editorial Board’s endorsement of supervisor candidate Jimmy Paulding was spot on. In this era of partisan bickering, the 4th District needs a supervisor who has the desire to reach consensus without being locked into a political ideology. The…

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Jimmy Paulding sets the record straight

First off, I’d like to thank The Tribune Editorial Board for their endorsement. This letter, however, is in response to their May 9 editorial that specifically requested responses from me on a number of campaign issues, such as my voting history and…

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The change we need

During the debate between challenger Jimmy Paulding and incumbent SLO County 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton, Ms. Compton said she views every vote through the prism of small business owners and the economy. While that approach has merit, it is…

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