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Jimmy Paulding considers SLO County’s long-term interests

The Board of Supervisors is a non-partisan body with a tradition of shared leadership — yet Lynn Compton does not support those values. Ms. Compton voted to end rotational chairmanship and shared representation on critical committees. Special interests have outweighed those of their neighbors and a need for diverse housing has become your problem, “kiddo.”

After asking residents to reduce water usage, and while in severe drought, she voted to approve a large real estate project, even as she accepted a large campaign contribution from the developer. Transparency has suffered and the Brown Act has been violated. We need a positive change.

Jimmy Paulding has the qualities and background to help restore a non-partisan approach to decision-making and improve civil discourse. He engages with constituents and treats them with respect. He is candid and answers every question put to him. As a South County native, he understands local issues and will use his experience in city planning, construction and dispute resolution to find reasonable ways to address them.

Jimmy Paulding is fair-minded and will consider all sides before making a decision based on facts, constituent input and long-term interests of this county. This is an approach very much needed today.


Originally posted in the Tribune

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