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On Integrity, Service and Community

I love the South County. It’s where I was raised and educated, and enjoy living.

We all know how precious this place we call home is.

Mostly, I love the people who live here, the folks who make San Luis Obispo County the truly special place it is. You are the reason I want to serve as your Fourth District county supervisor.

I know so many people who put so much of their lives into making our community the great place it is. We can’t take that for granted. We can’t assume everyone has the same agenda to build our community for all of us.

Some – not many – seem to believe our community is theirs to exploit, that it’s their right to take from our quality of life without giving back. That’s not who we are. I believe we’re all in this together, that everyone needs to contribute to build community.

My vision is that SLO County will be a community where:

  • all families feel safe and supported.
  • all members are empowered through education and opportunity to achieve their human potential.
  • hard-working families prosper from the benefit of economic activity.
  • everyone has clean air, water, and healthy food.
  • our neighborhoods are safe and resilient and fun places to live; instead of feeling isolated and distrustful, people know their neighbors and they care for one another.
  • local businesses stay rooted and keep money in the community.
  • the virtues of simple living, community pride, and good citizenship are widespread.
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