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Why Is Jimmy Paulding Running for Supervisor?

To Change The Board So It Represents ALL The People, Not Just The Few.

An Extremist Board Of Supervisors:

Three of today’s five supervisors form a rigid, ideological voting block. Most often they vote to protect the financial well-being of big business, disregarding human issues and human rights.

In their pursuit of big money from big donors, they frequently ignore defending our health, safety and quality of life, ignore helping the disadvantaged, and ignore protecting our land, air, ocean and waterways.

Are We Better Off Than In The Past?:

Today’s politicized Board of Supervisors has accomplished little regarding what citizens actually need. Honestly, are we better off than when Supervisor Lynn Compton took office? For example …

  • Gangs, homelessness, opioid and mental health problems afflict South County.  Police are stretched to their limit and can only do so much.  But our supervisor has said and done little about these issues.  She’s actually made things worse by shifting money to far less critical areas.  Our citizens deserve better.
  • She boasts of securing park money for Nipomo, but the truth is that she was asleep at the wheel for the first 3 years in office and lost a majority of the money. Not a single park project has been completed under her watch. She then voted to force all District 4 residents to pay water management costs for her North County friends — was this a quid pro quo for obtaining park monies District 4 was entitled to anyway? Our citizens deserve better.
  • Dust from the Oceano dunes continues to impact the health of Nipomo Mesa residents. A balanced solution is called for.  But our incumbent consistently votes against active measures to alleviate the problem. Our citizens deserve better.

What Jimmy Will Bring To The Board:

Jimmy Paulding, a seasoned planning, funding and infrastructure professional, will be a supervisor who …

  • Approaches issues with a politically unbiased, impartial mindset.
  • Values documented evidence, analyzes the merits of an issue, and only then arrives at judgments.
  • Prioritizes the needs of people who live in South County … not those who ride our beaches once or twice a year, or those in corporate headquarters thousands of miles away.
  • And makes “people first” decisions, not “big business/big money first” decisions.

The Bottom Line:

As our supervisor, Jimmy will be a true advocate for all South County citizens, not just for special groups, those with deep pockets, and those with hardened ideologies.

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